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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kilesas, Telepathy, etc

Kilesas, Telepathy, etc.
Exert from a letter of LuangPow Panya's to a disciple.

. . . As to your question: the five khandhas are the basis of sensation. The body is the basis of the four nama khandhas and all of them disappear when the body dies*. The senses require three things for them to function: the object, the active sense organ, and consciousness turned to the relevant sense. In other words, for seeing to take place consciousness must be turned to the eyes plus visible object. At this time none of the other senses are operative. Then consciousness dies away, but it is a very rapid process. Consciousness is the Citta performing the function of seeing, hearing, etc. The five khandhas are the playground of the citta under the influence of the Kilesas which are in the citta.

The citta can go anywhere but it cannot go to two places at the same time, but it can jump about very fast.

We don't get swamped by other people's cittas because the citta is attached to the five khandhas (oneself), but there is some interference with other people. There is telepathy which is more common than most people realise.

Getting to the heart is difficult but don't force it. You will probably find that you often go to the heart without realising it.

You should avoid criticism even when it is warranted, it is wrong for your character.

No, the citta is not neutral, it is infused with the kilesas. But when purified it has gone beyond Samsara.

I hope that this will help you to understand.

22nd January 2004

*This also includes the fifth physical 'rupa' khandha consisting of the four primary 'elements' + space + consciousness.(FDN)

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