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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision

Looking into the heart with the main focus of attention, peripheral vision then does the rest.

It sees that everything else isn't itself and the heart isn't itself either.

The heart just keeps chugging along doing it's job steadily. It can't afford to skylark around with different identities getting into different scenarios. It has a job to do, everything else depends on it's faultless and constant performance.

Let the knowing take this for an identity and become free from the demands of all other phenomena. Let it become the raft or last stepping stone before crossing over to the further shore.

When the knowing can let go of this there is nothing else to do.

Monday, May 29, 2006

It is always there

Let the heart be a guide and refuge. Each time one rediscovers this it, is as though for the first time.

Yet, it is always there.

Only within the heart does one have the releasing knowledge that none of this is the self, "mine" or "I". Anywhere else gives rise to burdensome identification.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Motivations Loosing their Power

Just observe the motivations untill they become perceptions and thus pidgeon holed, loosing their power.

Feedback Loops

The Knowing of the unreal can be compared to a negative feedback loop. Just as this knowing reveals the causes of compounded phenomena to show that they are evanecent, so the negative feedback loop constantly cancels itself out to produce a steady state, analogous to the ground of knowing.

Whereas the Knowing of the real can be compared to a positive feedback loop. Just as the knowing of the knowing is a bright, steady, robust phenomenon; the positive feedback loop can be seen as an analogy with its successive reinforcement or amplification of a phenomenon.

This is a rather tacky analogy, but it does point out the stark differences between the Real and the Unreal that the deluded mind constantly denies, and the knowing mind can't mistake. Such is the power of either careless atachment or the pure Citta.

Delusion II

Seeing the unreal as significant.
Seeing the real as insignificant.

Seeing the real as significant.
Seeing the unreal as insignificant.

That's all one needs to know.


When looking at cause and effect in the out-flows, include assumptions.

Present Moment Knowing

The Citta jumps to a conlusion at the moment of perception. From this a whole mass of proliferating assumptions arise. But if mindfulness is present then the assumptions also become a perception, pidgeon holed as a conclusion, thus breaking the cycle of conditionality and the Citta remains in it's mode of present moment Knowing.

The Source

Like an onion, skins peel off with each successive layer of perception, untill it reaches the centre, where it finds the source. This is not itself, but the result of the previous moment.

The World

Whatever takes the practitioner away from the parikamma.