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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Kilesa Raft

The Kilesa Raft.
The Kilesas are simply the unknown, unspoken & unquestioned conditioning of the Citta, & are the resultants of past Kamma, as they ripen in the present moment.
Thus the perceived need to create skilful Kamma in the present time, over & above any good, healthy & wholesome Kamma, so as to have skilful Kilesas in a future lifetime. Thus building a Kilesa "Raft" which the the practitioner can use to "cross over" the stream of Samsara & "reach the further shore" of Realisation.
Thus, on reaching "the further shore" the raft can then be left abandoned at the waters edge or "let go of" & the practitioner thus walks on "free of all burdens".

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