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Monday, January 16, 2006

Horoscope Kamma

Horoscope Kamma

Fragment from a letter by LuangPow Pa~n~navadho to his disciple, dated 28/Dec/79

" . . . I am sorry to hear you are all in trouble with Uranus. I am not sure where cause/effect comes in here but I am fairly certain that Uranus cannot do more than trigger the results which arise from causes that one has made by one's own volition in the past. As most people are "asleep" they make causes unthinkingly and unknowingly and not believing that what they do will come back on them. Then when the time comes, the results arise as a complete surprise - and usually unwelcome. This is the danger of this world - not knowing - for if we all knew the results of actions, who would ever do anything evil . . . "

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