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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Perception, jumping to conclusions

The Perception aggregate, in a blind compulsion, jumps to a conclusion with respect to a Self subject and a perceived object. If this is seen clearly enough, what else is there to do?

With sufficient clarity, the perception aggregate merely pidgeon holes objects so as to avoid having to continuously "reinvent the wheel."

If it can make these subjective conclusions and blind compulsions themselves, an object of perecption, so as to pidgeon hole them to memory, what other "layers of the onion" can there be left?

Assertive Denial

Assertive Denial
Assertions about space-time, that intrinsically deny the true nature of things just as they are. Proliferating assertions are a state of denial.

Proliferation energy in the heart

Proliferation energy in the heart.
Proliferation noise in the heart.
A Kilesa is active.

The Light that Comes from the Firefly in the Night

Extracted from:
Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa ~Nanasampanno
Wat Pa Baan Taad
June 22, 1979
Translated: Achaan Sudchaad

Where the Work of a Bhikkhu Comes to an End

"...The heart is deluded in the five Khandhas. It takes the creations of the five Khandhas as the objects of it's pleasure and sorrow for Culpas and Culpas, while Vi~n~naana flicks on and off, on and off. When it acknowledges the things that come into contact and those things disappear, Vi~n~naana also disappears. It is similar to a lightening flash, or the light that comes from the firefly in the night..."

Know Yourself, Know Your Parents

Self knowledge is wisdom. Parental knowledge is gratitude.

Our parents gave us everything they could, everything we had. They couldn't give enough to give us the best possible chance in life. Had they been wealthier they would have given us even more. Parents know the importance of generosity.

However, our perception of our parents is very often of the two people who always stopped us from doing what we wanted to do just when we wanted to do it. Children must be the most ungrateful people in any social community.

Any practitioner, having got to know something of himself through mindfulness and wisdom, is well rewarded by developing some understanding of his very own parents. Their final gift to us.