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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aasavas are arising factors

Aasavas are arising factors.

The Anicca characteristic of arising is inherent in all phenomena. But where do they arise from? The only place they can come from is the Citta.

However, the Citta is not knowable to the 5 khandhas or the 6 sense bases, so phenomena appear to arise from the Plenum Void. However, this view does not take the practitioner very far.

A much more productive view is to take the Citta as the source of all phenomena, with it's out-flows as the unknowing and unsuspecting drivers of such knowable objects. This will break the grip of subjectivity every time, where ever it is accompanied with sufficient clarity.

It may help some meditators if the very centre of the chest, just above the Sternum, is contemplated as the physical location of the deluded, unenlightened Citta.

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