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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Nothing unchanging in the present moment.
Nothing surviving to the next.
An absence of anything eternal.

Bodily sensation fading and boosted
by successive mental movements:
together, maybe, with the knowing of this.

But who, or what,  knows that?

As successive mental movements fade
bodily sensation fades.
As conscious movements fade
no bodily sensation remains.

But who, or what,  knows this?

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Here is the Knowing - Now is the Knowing

Dukkha ceases to be manageable.
Techniques fail.
Clarity ceases to penetrate.

After a lifetime of practice, something knows that there has to be
something else.  In spite of the very clear perception that there is
absolutely nothing knowable whatsoever that can remedy the
situation with any hope at all, there is nonetheless a distinct
conviction that there is indeed something else.

What is it that knows this?


Even Eureka doesn't do it justice.
Something else in a complete league of it's own.
There isn't anything else.  But what knows this?

Just this knowing: knowing that it doesn't know.
It can't ever know.  There just isn't anything else.

Looking at things exactly as they are:
as they present themselves in the moment.
The practice of doing nothing special.
The way to go.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The One Who Knows

The One Who Knows,
A personification of the Knowing processes.
"If you see the Buddho, kill him."
Identity is Dukkha,
This one too.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Perfect Sanity

Perfect Sanity
The Don't Know Mind
The absolute absurdity of trying to know anything at all - whatsoever.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Knowledge of Not Knowing

The outflows are due to the ignorance of them.
That ignorance is dependent on it not being known.
Thus the outflows are knowable and their originating conditions are equally knowable: in the not knowing of them.
Thus their cessation is equally knowable, the knowledge of that original not knowing.
Thus the way leading to their future non arising comes from the knowledge, of the knowledge, of that initial not knowing.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Knowing the "Don't Know"

Kilesa, unknown activities that are identified with unknowingly: powerful for as long as they remain unknown.

Asava, essentially outflows, though occasionally useful to see as other renderings, such as biases, influxes, chancres etc.

Tanha, craving.  This kind of craving is inclusive of aversion, the two toggle together, successively conditioning one another; successive, serial alternation, eternally changing.  Collectively - attachment.

Conventionally - a quiet mind is an inactive mind immersed in white noise, inefficient activities, all cancelling each other out, with no net effect: Zero Point Energy, the ultimate inefficiency.  "E=MC²",that is to say, mentally active energy manifests as bodily sensation: a sensation experienced within the physical body, robbing the practitioner of ultimate peace.  It is fully knowable, but what is it that knows?

Reality is thus seen to be serial, successive, linear.  The "here and now", an eternal infinity or infinite eternity: nothing other than this present moment.

Space being a physical thing, bodily sensation due to mental process.  For a practitioner in the midst of practice, space is a mental construct that is readily believed but with no actual reality, robbing him of the total stillness that rewards genuine practice.

These aspects of subjective activity conspire, as it were, to rob the practitioner of his goal.  They only know conventional realities: rewards of bodily identity, pleasure.  So that total stillness threatens their continued existence, since they would have become fully knowable - objectified - as a direct result.

Thus the equation of total stillness with perfected, remainderless knowing.  Knowing being the ground level of zero mental activity.

Knowing the knowing develops into the ground state of mental activity where consciousness itself comes to rest.  Nothing can be said about this state, it is beyond conventional terminology.  All that can be said is that anyone can know this for himself.

"Don't Know", the starting point for knowing the most subtle of subjective activities.  Cultivating the "Don't Know" mind brings Knowing to perfection.

This Knowing has no substance, mental or physical: is beyond change, and thus eternal.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Processes Dependant Upon Not Being Known

Subject, object, duality.  Processes dependant upon not being known.

Craving within aversion, aversion within craving.  Processes dependant upon not being known.

At the very centre of the Heart: the object there, is nothing other than the subject looking at it, whilst not knowing this.  Processes dependant upon not being known.

Mind, the personification of unknown processes.

But what knows this?

Cracking Dukkha

When craving and aversion are seen as interdependently arising, the path becomes manifest.


Looses it.

Realising the way leading to it's future completion, both sustains, and latter, reasserts it.

This path has an intelligence all of it's own: the Dhamma becomes fully automatic.

Just need to perfect Samadhi to see it at it's most sublime, just as it is, beyond all words.

Physiological Sensations

I think therefore I am physiological sensations due to consciousness of currently running processes.

Serially arising objects, combinations of thought and memory or associations.

Feelings accumulating within bodily tissue as tangible sensations.  A solid basis for identification in the real world: except that it fades when conditions no longer sustain: changes when condions change.

Furthermore, it conditions change.