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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Micro Processor Citta

The Micro Processor Citta. Currently CPUs run at Ghz speeds. This means they can do an opperation in a billionth of a second, or a billion operations in one second. If this passes for multi tasking, how much more-so for the very much faster Citta; which, also, can only do one thing at a time.

On a Computer you can watch a full length feature film: whereas the Citta gives us the entire Cosmos as an analog display. Thus the Citta's _Annica_ characteristc compares well with the M/P's digital nature for purposes of comparison.

So that the assumed analog nature of the Cosmos is very limmiting. Given that a Samana can drop out of an apparently solid, or self identifying, experience with total ease, it is often useful to regard the Cosmos as _digital_ in nature.

However, for those who prefer to think of it as analog, they can still use the time honored 'sword of wisdom' concept: which is fairly straight forward if _Annica_ is well enough understood.

This is possible because _Annica_ is not quite discrete nor is it continuous, nor is it both , nor is it neather.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Unknown Activities of the Citta.

If there is any Dukkha any where at all, any time at all, it is due entirely to the fact that the Citta is doing something that it is unaware of doing.
All that is required is for the Citta to fully know this activity.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Does the Citta do everything?

Q: Does the Citta do everything?

A: It is multi tasking & takes on the attributes of every function. Functions are discussed & described as entities in their own right, but this is just a manner of speaking for the sake of clarity when describing a sequence of events or some process-or-other.

The bottom line, however, is that the high speed tornado, the Citta, is doing everything sequentially: each instantanious manifestation conditioned by the previous one & in its turn conditioning the next.

However, this does not include the sources of sense impression, except where the Citta itself produces Nimitas. Nor does it include Feelings, these are bodily responses to Citta activity & the six types of sense impression.

A Conventional View of the Mind

All sentient beings are nodes on a cosmic flux of conciousness. This explains both synchronistic & telepathic phenomena, ie., IChing & the general inter-connectedness of the cosmos: ie why astrology & palm reading actually work; why the cut of a deck of cards or the pattern of a sudden cracking of a turtle shell are some kind of a snapshot of the cosmos at that moment in time. However, this is called a conventional view of the cosmos because it depends on the concepts of space & time. That is to say, there is nothing absolute nor direct about this view.

Differences Between Nimitas of Internal & External Origination

Asking the question, "If this is me, then who is it that knows?" or some other ploy that will objectify a subjective experience when such are presumed to be internally originated. Thus if the subjectivity of the experience continues, it is most likely to be an externally originated nimita.

External Nimitas are picked up by the conscious faculty of the mind/heart in much the same way that a radio picks up signals via an aerial. So that mental raw data impinges on the mind in much the same way that physical raw data impinges on any of the physical sense bases corresponding to the radio's aerial.

In either case the mind takes this raw data and interprets it in much the same way. Thereby constructing a model that we take to be the real world: an unspoken & unquestioned assumption; an experience.

As such it is almost impossible to distinguish between internal & external nimitas. So that ploys, which use some kind of logical reasoning to effect a change from subjectivity to objectivity, are required.

Thus any apparent correspondence between subjectivity and objectivity, whether internal or external, is thereby invalidated.

Balancing Intuition and Logic

The Citta manifests as functions of both Intuition and Logic, though not at the same time. Thus it is important to have both in harmony for a well integrated personality.

Problem is when through education one dominates at the expence of the other. If Logic dominates then cut back on sleep & get fatigued & confused. Logic can't handle this & Intuition can assert itself.

If Intuition dominates then fix something eg., a broken clock etc., or design & build something, even if it is only with a computer. This is because the Citta is not discrete nor is it continuous, nor is it both , nor is it neather: it is _Anicca_.

Problems with above:
The concepts are 'space/time' ie conventional, not direct. Regardless of how well developed &/or balanced, they are still dissatisfying, incomplete, not free from the possibility of any future degredation. They do not solve the problem of Dukkha, do not point out delusion in any way: in fact are a continuation of it.