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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Short circuit in the perceptive process. Conclusions jumped to before a perception is fully registered. Typically, with either existing dullness or agitation as an initial object. The result is a further accumulation of this state, because of unknowingly taking feeling as the object.

In clear perception, feeling is the result of the cognitive process; whilst delusion takes feeling as the object of cognition. Hence the serial accumulation of feeling, giving it a solidity that makes it "real". This spiraling feedback loop is nothing less than the engine at the centre of - and driving - the entire Cosmos.

Science says that we are the way we are because the Universe is the way it is: and not the other way round.
Dhamma says that the Cosmos is the way it is because we are the way we are: and not the other way round.

Einstein was among the first to posit the observer as an integral part of observation. But no assumptions were made about the characteristics or causal structure of this observer: maybe now is the time to investigate, what is in essence, the resultant Kammic predicament.

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