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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kilesas and Telepathy

Kilesas and Telepathy

Exert From LuangPor Punya's letter to a disciple. (FDN)This was written about halfway through the year in which I was with him. Throughout this year he constantly emphasised (to me) that only the heart existed; that was where everything happened; wouldn't accept any thoughts on telepathy at all; wouldn't accept any question on it as valid. Yet, unbeknown to me, we have this letter, written, by him to his disciple, halfway through that very same year.
What to make of this? He was clearly laying colossal emphasis on the kilesas in the heart as the prime focus of attention, irrespective of which of the six senses was triggering them off.

". . . We don't get swamped by other people's cittas because the citta is attached to the five khandhas (oneself), but there is some interference with other people. There is telepathy which is more common than most people realise.
"No, the citta is not neutral, it is infused with the kilesas. But when purified it has gone beyond Samsara.
22nd January 2004 "

(FDN)So telepathy does exist after all!!! But going "out" to it's sources is not the answer. Looking into the heart is, as usual, the answer. Look & see what is happening, develop clarity around the corresponding kilesas & stay with the Knowing. Whether it is fear (& terror) or anything else.

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