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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Space and Time

Space and Time
Instead of looking at Change in a timeless - an eternal - present moment, delusion assumes Time and views the consequences of that: Space.

For Space to exist, Time is required, if the result is to have freedom of movement. Space is meaningless as a frozen snap-shot, and only Time will allow travel across a distance.

However, if the correct assumptions are made, ceaseless but conditioned change in an eternal, timeless, present moment, the consequences are quite different: the resulting experience is quite different.

It is within this environment that the Citta gets to realise its own true nature and all notions of Space, Time, Eternal, Present or Snap-shots loose any meaning. Just that knowing of things, just as they are, is all that remains.

But where does Time come from? Sequences of memory trigger an assumption of Time. Change is the spring board for the intuitive 'jump to the conclusion' of Sequence. The knowing of this, with sufficient clarity, is all that is required for a return to mindfulness in the present moment. Just don't hang on to it.

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