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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Basic Paranoia

The Basic Paranoia
Due to not realising it's own true nature the Citta, in Space_Time mode, is under a constant fundamental terror of imminent annihilation.

The logical consequences of this are a reciprocal craving-for-existence, and on the back of this a further extenuation: of craving for sensory input. This expresses itself as sensual desire: on both sides of the coin - attraction and aversion.

So what then is Dukkha? When the Citta goes three-dimensional, one just needs to look at this in order to bring it back to the eternal-now. It will have an awkward, unsatisfactoryness; a solidity brought on by the Citta's attempts to sustain something that does not in fact exist of itself: just looking for the assumptions behind this attempt will expose it to a clearer view, and it's evanescent characteristics.

All of which is above and behind the usual understanding of dissatisfaction - from full blown suffering to the subtlest anguish and boredom.

Eventually, the Citta will realise that the refuge, from this proliferation of perfect logical assumption, is in fact in the paradoxical eternal-present-moment: and finally, that it's never ever been anywhere else.

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