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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Here is the Knowing - Now is the Knowing

Dukkha ceases to be manageable.
Techniques fail.
Clarity ceases to penetrate.

After a lifetime of practice, something knows that there has to be
something else.  In spite of the very clear perception that there is
absolutely nothing knowable whatsoever that can remedy the
situation with any hope at all, there is nonetheless a distinct
conviction that there is indeed something else.

What is it that knows this?


Even Eureka doesn't do it justice.
Something else in a complete league of it's own.
There isn't anything else.  But what knows this?

Just this knowing: knowing that it doesn't know.
It can't ever know.  There just isn't anything else.

Looking at things exactly as they are:
as they present themselves in the moment.
The practice of doing nothing special.
The way to go.