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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Differences Between Nimitas of Internal & External Origination

Asking the question, "If this is me, then who is it that knows?" or some other ploy that will objectify a subjective experience when such are presumed to be internally originated. Thus if the subjectivity of the experience continues, it is most likely to be an externally originated nimita.

External Nimitas are picked up by the conscious faculty of the mind/heart in much the same way that a radio picks up signals via an aerial. So that mental raw data impinges on the mind in much the same way that physical raw data impinges on any of the physical sense bases corresponding to the radio's aerial.

In either case the mind takes this raw data and interprets it in much the same way. Thereby constructing a model that we take to be the real world: an unspoken & unquestioned assumption; an experience.

As such it is almost impossible to distinguish between internal & external nimitas. So that ploys, which use some kind of logical reasoning to effect a change from subjectivity to objectivity, are required.

Thus any apparent correspondence between subjectivity and objectivity, whether internal or external, is thereby invalidated.

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